How do you ask for feedback?

I'm still very new to the game of indie hacking and I don't really know the best way of asking my (few) users for feedback.

  • What questions do you ask?
  • What channel do you use? (personal email, google form)

Any tips would help a ton!

Thanks 🙏

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    This is such a great question and a crucial thing to undertake to get useful insights.
    I highly recommend reading The Mom Test and trying it out on a friend first to get your process down.

    Biggest thing for me is don't ask questions like "what do you think of this feature?" - ask them about the problem that feature is solving.

    i.e. If it's an analytics page, ask "how are you keeping track of your conversions? when was the last time you used that tool? what do you find easy or hard to use about it?" etc etc.

    Golden rule is that people will lie to you if you put them in a 'give me feedback' space. Because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

    Good luck!

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      Thank you so much! In this case, I'm asking early users about their experience so far (on an extension that is basically built upon feature requests of a bigger app).
      Should I still focus on the problem or can I ask if the product solved the problem? Maybe I'm making a mistake by thinking that the problem is obvious and not letting them space to share their problems?

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        So you want to get them to talk about themselves, as they'll give you much more honest insights.
        I'd approach it by asking what they have been using the extension for, what led them to use it in that way?
        If they say anything along the lines of "I was expecting to do this but actually I did this instead..." These are GOLD for you to jump on and find out more. Why were they expecting something else? Were they disappointed they couldn't find it? Do they like the way they're actually using it better?
        Never assume people are behaving in a certain way because of one thing. Structure everything as neutrally as you can and just get them to chat to you about the experience - don't lead. (And seriously, the mom test is a super quick but AMAZING book if you're doing this) :)

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          Meri, thank you so much 🙏 you made my day!
          I bought the book this morning 👍

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            No problem! Best of luck with it :)

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    It depends on the piece of work and service. But the thing I use most commonly, is Google Form. It's anonimous, and there're closed questions (like “evaluate something from 1 to 10”), as well as open questions: “Please, tell me what you like the most”, “Please, tell us what we can improve”. Basically, the last question is an opportunity for you to improve your business.

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    👉 Deliver value first (e.g. a coupon or something else), because you want your users to actually answer your questions
    👉 Don‘t ask too much
    👉 Let the user talk (often users have very specific thoughts on your product you can‘t really cover by any question other than „What would you change…“)
    👉 Ask them what they dislike first (because you can‘t develop from answers like „I like XYZ“ other than improve your PMF)

    Potential channels: Show them a banner to a feedback-form in your dashboard (depends on your product); email them with a cold-email tool/Saas

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      Wow that's more than I was expecting! Thank you so much Dennis 🙏

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