How Do You Brainstorm?

I've tried lots of different brainstorming methods. Post it notes, mind mapping apps, etc. Right now I'm throwing ideas in a Google doc because it's the best of those options, but it is still a rather poor one.

Does anyone have a method that they feel really works for them?

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    Pen and paper - always. Whenever I've to brainstorm, I always grab a pen and start writing, drawing etc anything to get my creative juices flow. I've also read somewhere that just even holding a pen in your hand gets you start thinking about the task at hand.

    Once I've a clear idea on what I should work on, I document all of it digitally. Even software development for me starts with pen & paper with flowcharts before it gets turned into code.

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    For me it's Notion and pen & paper. It's never as tidy as I would like it to be.

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