How do you build trust in a remote ecosystem?

Do you have any specified procedures, implemented habits, ad-hock actions that increase the sense of trust and togetherness in your remote environment?

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    If you are talking from a management position, I actually don't think trust should be built at all! It needs to be granted by default and then revoked if extremely necessary. Other than that I think everything is a problem of visibility. People just need to write more about the things they've been working on.

    Togetherness is a lot harder, I appreciate tips on that as well, I have tried being more personal on my previous job but that only got me more distant from my coworkers. Now that I'm managing a team what I'm trying is encouraging people to solve a problem together so they interact more.

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      Great suggestions. I think interaction is a great way to get to know each other, especially when solving a problem. You get to know everyone's expertise.
      I'll say important is to keep team members talking and questioning assumptions - of course within the limited. You could talk until the cows come home, but work also needs to get done :-)

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    What kind of trust do you mean? What's the problem you're having that you want to address?

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    Would it help if you implemented one of the flavors of Agile framework? (unless you did, and it's not helping, then we can discuss why)

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    For my team, it's simply having team calls on a regular basis (weekly in our case).

    Builds both trust and a sense of comradery.

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