How do you collect user feedback?

Howdy IHers,

Feedback from users is invaluable building any kind of product/course/app.

Would love to hear how you're going about it, whether it's cold emailing, feedback widgets, app store reviews, or anything!

Keep hacking!

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    I literally ping on LinkedIn to my prospect users and ask them to if we can connect over a call to discuss about my startup and pain points of industry I am catering to.

    If they say yes kudos!

    If Naah Then I ask them if they can just text in short about their issues.

    If nothing works then switch to next user.

    I did use Survey and slightly it helped me.

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    imho... there is no substitute for phone conversations. Data collected via surveys or feedback widgets can help discover technical issues or key points of frustration. But broad, open-ended conversations tell you what to build and how to connect with new customers.

    i've also found that prospective users / customers are more honest (true of higher price point Saas) about what they want than customers, because they are being asked to take a risk.

    my approach is to ask for a 15-30 minute call (so they know you want suck their time away) and stick to it. if they enjoy the call, they will give you more time if you need it.

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    At csvbox.io we use the hubspot chat widget as the primary source of talking to the users and getting feedback.

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    At Gossip (https://thegossip.app) we ask users to post gossips with #appfeedback or #feedback so we can quickly look it up.

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    I agree with @martyb, I generally stick to video or phone calls. In some situations, I've done in person shadowing or interviews where appropriate.

    I track user feedback in a Notion sheet and am building an app Navana to help collect and act on user feedback.

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