How do you connect and build relationships with other developers? 👨‍💻

So I love to code. 👨‍💻


And what made me love it even more was being able to work with other amazing people.

Does anyone else here find it tough to consistently find new developers to talk/work with?

How have you solved it? (or have you not?)

Thanks for sharing.

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    Super easy to find, they're the ones that ship/code.

    I talk with 10+ amazing developers weekly.

    I have spoke to 100s of devs who just stopped shipping.

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      💯 this!

      You can't spell relationship without ship 😄

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      ... and make you the builder feel you're wasting your time

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      Looks like a better option than building in private and constantly floundering whatever you're doing. The point of this community is to encourage each other to push through the ruts that make us unproductive.

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        100%, share what you're working for and ask feedback.

        I have shared and received feedback 1000s of time here it is truly amazing.

        That is very different than wanting to partner.

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      Thanks for the guidance!

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        Also would start using twitter if you want to connect with other devs.

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          Any recommendations of people on twitter to follow that are consistently shipping (besides yourself 😉)?

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            A rare list lol.

            Anything in particular you're looking for?

            SaaS? Developers? Marketing (even rarer to see)?

            The folks I follow are usually pretty good at shipping.

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              All of the above. I’m building a saas and doing both dev and marketing. Looking to follow successful IHers to learn from and for motivation.

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    Twitter seems to be a fast source of devs to bounce ideas off of. When you find 1 "build in public" dev on Twitter, the algorithm's pretty tight about recommending more very similar devs.

    Check out what they're doing, ask questions, engage.

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      Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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    I made https://www.codeswaps.com/ for that very purpose. There is also https://indieworldwide.co/, https://weekendclub.co/ and a few others I can think of. Also as has been mentioned - Twitter.

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    I literally every week build my network on Linkedin to connect with interesting people
    Of course, it's not easy to do, since a lot of folks just do not put enough valuable information to own profiles
    But anyhow this way allows finding new good connections consistently

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    I'm working on this problem. Working on a super quick landing page right now at https://pairmatch.us.

    What I'm building is a pairing/mentoring/collaboration/help/friendship community. Make a profile, tag what technologies/businesses/languages you're working with, what kind of connections you're looking for, then "put up your flag" when you're interested in making a connection. Pairmatch will try to match you with another person, securely and privately, and if you're interested, you can complete the connection.

    Rate how it went, friend the person if you want to connect again.

    Still working on improving the landing page, currently working on the software.

    Just a waiting list right now, but add your email, and I will get you on the platform as soon as its ready!


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      @Edwardmsmith how is the progress on this so far?

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      Neat, I’ll have to check that out!

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