How do you consume the Indie Hackers Podcast?

The IndieHackers podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge, insight, wisdom, and inspiring stories. I'm wondering how do others consume all of the episodes. Do you...

listen to the latest episode whenever you get a chance? or
all episodes in some order? or
look for episodes by certain people or industry? or
look for episodes on some topics (SaaS growth, audience building, etc.) or
just randomly click on one and hope it's relevant :)

I've done some combination of all of the above. I haven't been keeping up with the pod recently because I've challenge myself to consume only what's absolutely relevant to me. This leads me to categorize the episodes whenever I listen. For example, "good to listen for info-product makers", or for "course creators" or for "SaaS acquisition", etc. And I often go way back, all the to the beginning. I am wondering would people be interested in me sharing a resource that would help you find the right kind of episodes relevant to what you care about?

My hunch is more people can benefit from IH pod in general. (Listening to it on BART during my commute to/from SF led me to make career decisions that led me to where I am now).

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    I agree that the IH podcast is a great source of knowledge and inspiration. I was listening to almost every episode since around #029 as soon as they appeared. Although, I missed a few episodes recently for the same reason as you. They didn't seem relevant to me at the moment. I was also starting to feel overloaded with all the content I consume. It would be great to have a resource that would help me find the right content at the time when I need it.

    In general, I think that podcast discoverability is still not solved. You can find a good podcast as a whole series, but not the most relevant episode. Or maybe I missed something and such a tool already exists?

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      Hi @LukaszWiktor - since episode #029, nice!

      I was asking to test my assumption if a database of notes from IH episodes would be useful to others. Well, I made one so let's see.

      I agree podcast discoverability is not solved. The database I made can be filtered on things like business model (SaaS, info product, b2b). This is very custom to IH and time intensive to produce :) definitely doing something that does not scale haha.

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        Wow! Amazing job, @bhumi! 🙌 I've just signed up.

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    I think the fact that episodes are typically long and touch several ideas, makes it even harder to consume what's relevant to you. I'm experiencing the same overload of information — consuming lots of content with no apparent benefit. And I think one of the missing pieces with podcasts is a tool for extracting snippets/ideas from podcasts, taking notes, and linking ideas together, so that you can revisit them later and build on that knowledge you collect.

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      Hi @ppanagi - I agree with all of the above. I made such a tool - a database that can be filtered. A picture in the IH post.

      My assumption is this would be useful to others, would love to hear reactions.

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