Self Care December 2, 2019

How do you cope with loneliness as an entrepreneur ?

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Most of you spend loads of time by yourself working on your own product.

What is your approach to staying always committed to what you do and avoid social distractions?

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    I love planning, so your mileage may vary with this advice, but:

    1. Have a well-defined and consistent work schedule to stick to in order to prevent distractions. Ensure everyone knows you're supposed to be working during this time. Be okay with letting things go to voicemail, ignoring messages, etc.

    2. For routine business-related social interaction, try to schedule it in your day at around the same time. e.g. email in the morning or after lunch, meetings at certain times on certain days, block out times and space on your "to do" list for customer outreach, etc.

    3. Plan activities outside of your work in which to be social - nights out with friends, dates, game nights, movies, concerts, whatever you like. Keeps you from wasting away on low-value stuff like social media after work, and also prevents you from psyching yourself out about having to work late.

    As much as I like planning, though, these are more guidelines than hard rules :) A call from a long lost friend, a really insightful conversation with a customer, or really getting in the productivity groove on something, can make me flex all the rules above.

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    Working at a coworking space has helped me get into more different social interactions. But it's also more distracting than working from a home office.

    I try to always find a decent balance, which is often one of the hardest things for me, because I know I usually perform much better without distractions. But locking myself in a private office 24/7 is also a bad idea because I also like people.

    On top of that, I created the luxury of being able to call people for around 30 minutes a few times a week and just talk about goals, what I've been doing, and where I am heading + getting their input from that as well. It really helps to stay committed and it's obviously always fun to talk to friends that are entrepreneurs as well.

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    Do you need to always stay committed and avoid social distractions? I would say you need a little social distraction at times to keep you sane and from burning out. I find leaving my desk every couple of hours helps me to stay focused and a lunchtime walk.

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      Very fair one. I believe it's a routine you need to start taking, and then it just comes by itself. I am naturally a social person ( I think ), so sometimes it's definitely not easy

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    I get a day job that allows me ample social interaction, such that at the end of a work day I just feel like locking myself up in my apartment and not speak to anyone else!

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    Hey! I know what you mean, really!
    Some time ago I realized with horror that att the last year I was loosing all my friends , I was loosing the connection with my relatives and it seemed to me as I was loosing the connection with all the society because of my work.
    But you know, several month ago, I decided that I still don't have enough time to spend all my weekends in bars with my mates, and I decided to make a special place in my hall "just for fun". I've bought darts and a foosball table, because I remember how I loved it while I was a child. By the way, my foosball table (as it turned out, when I've found a source ) is for kids lol? It doesn't matter if it's for kids or not, because during all the breaks we play foosball with my husbant and several times a week our friends come to us and we have competitions. So, I can say, that this table was a solution for me.
    Sometimes it's needed to make non typical decisions for such situations.