Design and UX September 15, 2020

How do you create great landing page graphics?

Imran P @imuz

Hi Guys,

I'm wondering what everyone is using for creating landing page graphics. I don't have an MVP yet but I want to build some landing pages to validate a few ideas I have.

What is everyone using to create graphics for their landing pages? Stock, custom, which tools / services? How would you go about creating mock product screenshots before building anything?

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    You can check
    It has a lot of open source illustrations. You can download as svg and even customize the colors before downloading. I've seen multiple landing pages here in indie hackers using these illustrations.

    And I always use figma to create a mock for my products. It's unbelievable what this tool has to offer for free. Using it, I spend just a couple of hours to create all illustrations of my product landing page:

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      Thanks @vitorsilvestre thats super helpful! I'll try some of these out.

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