How do you define "growth marketer"?

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    I think it also needs to include someone who can copywrite, understands HTML/JS, plot data/stats...actually a shitton more skills than a marketer of any kind!

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      Yea - that's what a lot of people are looking for! The problem is that there are soooo few marketer who can do all of this. And, it's not really fair for a company to require anyone to do all of this anyway. It's at least a couple if not several jobs!

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        Or several growth marketers together as a team with slightly different strengths

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    I love this little gif so much! We have a whole article on what a growth marketer is, but I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Almost everyone I ask defines it a little big differently. Here's that fullll article: https://marketerhire.com/blog/growth-marketing

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