How do you express gratitude? Beta test a new way!

Social science tells us nothing increases happiness more than expressing gratitude, but most of us struggle to find a good, private, and consistent way to remember to do it.

Peerless is a simple 5 minute morning routine that helps you set aside distractions, express gratitude, and set a firm intention and habits. We are beginning beta testing on Aug 31.

You can follow us here on IH: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/peerless

Are looking for 85 more testers to reach our goal for the first round of beta testing. We're starting with iOS and English language to start (Android and other major languages coming soon), and while we don't have all the features we'd want, we have enough to get solid feedback and start improving people's lives.

We're asking beta testers to use the app for 5 minutes a day for 2 weeks, and then answer a short survey about your experience.

All data is stored privately on your device and never touches the cloud. You deserve a private space to reflect and be free from advertisers and trackers.

Will you please sign up to become a beta user? We ask because we want to make this the most helpful app on your phone, and we need your feedback.

Sign up here: https://becomepeerless.com

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