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How do you feel about building your product over another product?

It sounds okay if you build a tool for twitter, instagram or any other big player with an open api for developers.

However, for the past few weeks, I'm trying come up with some weekend projects. Today I got a few more ideas.

Most of them circling around Substack. There were a post on IH where people talking about lack of customizability. First thing, it's possible to send form data to subscribe for a newsletter. It's not official so it's kind of a "use it at your own risk" thing. But it's easy, just need a place to deploy. Not easy to monetise except asking for donations. Then I thought I could design a few landing pages and include the form in it. But IDK since it's not an official tool, it might be a waste of time also beyond the limit of a weekend project.

While I was searching for that post, I found this one Distinguish - Custom domains and branding for Substack which offers custom domain, ability to change fonts and colors, well it's possible to create your own themes on Substack's non-public api. But again it's not public.

And the above solution is actually a feature presented to high volume users. e.g. notboring.email

So what do you think, would you take the risk or even ignore it because of the ethics?

edit: Custom url and page features are just my assumptions. I don't know if it's just for top newsletters or whoever asks for it.

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    There were a post on IH where people talking about lack of customizability.


    Found the post and search wasn't so helpful. Anyways, it just another bummer. At this point I'm not sure if it's the people or IH or the people on IH or is it me :). Seen by 13 people as usual, no comments whatsoever, just one person give it a try. At least that relieved the pain of deploying to heroku.

    Now I'm trying to convince myself to polish the templates and present it to a bigger audience just to answer the above question. Is the product sucks or the environment. I have a feeling but we'll see.

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