How do you get people to read your content?

Hey guys,
Even though I've known for years that content is key to attract more customers, somehow it still seems very abstract.

Obviously the content should be high quality, original and interesting. But even so, how do you get people to read it? How do you bring people to your blog to read your posts?

Really curious to know how everybody is doing it.


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    Create content that your target audience is actively searching for. Content that solves their problems, and ideally problems that can be solved by your product. Based on your business, I'd take a look at Tailorbrands top content for ideas. I did a quick search on Ahrefs and these two would probably be at the top of my list if I were you:

    You could do an entire series of posts on "How to Design X Logo". Just find the keywords for "X", whether it's blog logos, band logos, etc.

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      That's a great idea. We have a whole "how to make a logo" guide we've been meaning to do for ages. But your way of searching for the exact topics can make it seem less daunting: we can just do one article at a time. Thanks!

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    At the moment, what is working best for me is sharing on Twitter.

    But don't forget the importance of eye-catching titles, can be the differents between open your content or nor.

    If your are curious how we do it, you can check it here:


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    i focus on search because search fulfills existing demand

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      what’s your take on getting traffic from seo when you’re in a competitive industry? Focus on long tail first?

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        @dagorenouf a couple tips:

        1. know your audience better than the competitors
        2. lean into googles search algorithm; help it advance its understanding of language
        3. observe their content - then make content that is 10x better than theirs
        4. focus on low volume keywords first to really build up your keyword profile
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          Thanks 🙏 I don't understand your second point "lean into google search algorithm". Do you mean keyword research on good ads or...?

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    You can’t get people to read...they just don’t have the attention span for it.

    With that in mind, create content that is simple enough for an elementary student to follow and ensure that you have enough infographics or videos to offset the words and you might grab some long-term followers. Keep building until word-of-mouth renders your work a ‘must-have’.

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      @c0nsilience disagreed.

      you need deep meaty content for A) the part of your market that has the attention span and B) people deep in the customer journey

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        @indigoblue we can agree to disagree, no worries.

        What you’re suggesting would resonate extremely well if the internet were still like a library. Like it or not, it’s a shopping mall.

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          @c0nsilience absolutely, no harsh feelings. im in a polarized state right now - keep that in mind.

          could you clarify what you mean when you say the internet is not a library anymore? my seo background has me looking for more understanding on what you mean here.

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            @indigoblue thank you for being classy.

            What I am alluding to is how the internet, shortly before the dot.com bubble era, was a lot more like a proper research tool, mainly used by academics. Text-based everything lent itself really well to white papers and academic journals. In 2020, it just seems like it caters much less toward intellectuals and is a logical extension of the radio->tv->media/entertainment fixation.

            iDevices have brought a lot more eyes and minds online, but social media is eradicating them, unfortunately.

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      Thanks, that’s a great one 👍

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    I find it useful to write content that answers a question, that way there's a good chance it can be found through search. Also make sure you propagate it as much as you can, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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    Through various acquisition channels (see the link in my profile bio for a list).

    Basically, content is the thing that "attracts". But that's like being an attractive person on a lone island. You need to get in touch, get on the radar, get in front of people. These people usually go to places different from your website (they search on Google, read posts on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and so on).

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      Wow your research comes incredibly handy, thank you! I got the report.

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    Idk, maybe to simplify the content?

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      ahah, yeah that helps! But I meant how to get people to your website / blog articles basically.

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    share on twitter
    they can sign up my newsletter.
    i also cross-posting on different platforms, group or community

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