How do you grow your Twitter?

Hi everybody👋

It seems like everything is easier when you have a following, so I was wondering if you guys have any specific tactics you use for growing your Twitter.

This is my account (feel free to roast it). I have a bunch of old inactive followers, and I have a hard time gaining new active ones.

Feel free to share your Twitter account below.

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    Little bit of shameless plug, maybe threads can help. Try https://threadmaker.co 🧵

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    Think I can learn more from you on Twitter. Followed!

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    I don't 😀

    I follow all the usual recommendations and best practices but they don't seem to make any difference.

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    Hey Carl 👋 ,

    Nice timing. I just did a similar post https://www.indiehackers.com/post/twitter-follow-for-follow-for-macos-developers-640f284a4a. I too felt that many of my followers and I don't share the same interests and therefore, there's less engagement. Ergo, the IH post. I am hoping to build a like-minded community on Twitter. Let's see where it goes. All the best!

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    I grew my Twitter following from 300 to 37k followers in a year using Daniel Vassallo’s Twitter course on gumroad. Highly recommend it! You can also join the waitlist for CrowdFox.io which will automate a lot of building a community and managing your Twitter account.

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    My own experience tells me there is only one way - create value for others.

    E.g. I'm writing a Building in Public free guide, and I'm grateful a lot of people find it useful, so in 2 days, I get 100+ followers. See other analytics here: https://twitter.com/kevon69/status/1352028030525313024

    And then I look at those people with a very engaging and sizable following, they're all sharing super valuable things all the time. That's when I know there is only one way.

    Hope this helps :)

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    This is a broad subject, and there are many quirks/idiosyncrasies to Twitter that you can write a whole book on it.

    I maintain a Twitter growth hacking blog, which you might find useful on subjects all ranging from:

    I really hope you or anyone else would find these useful.

    Disclaimer: I'm also founder of a Twitter growth hacking tool.

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    Hey, I pinned a great twitter thread that could help you with that !

    my account : https://twitter.com/theindiemaker

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