How do you handle operations?

After cutting down on my social media, reddit, and Youtube use, Indie Hackers is pretty much my go-to for inspiration during my downtime. I'm constantly in awe of how you guys relentlessly pursue your ideas.

I'm curious, how did you handle operations in your project? Do you still get down in the trenches and organize everything yourself? Did you hire someone to do it for you?

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    i do all of it myself. i mean, that's why i like running my own business! thanks for posting!

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    No money to hire, so it's just me. It seems to work alright as long as I stay organized with my time. I've found blocking is important. I can waste an entire day bouncing between tasks without getting any done if I don't keep a schedule. For example: right now I'm in my social media block! In 2 minutes and I'm moving into the code block for the next 3 hours :D

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    We do everything ourselves. It helps to have an actual corporate working background. I stayed at Amazon and AWS for 5 1/2 years because I was soaking up valuable information from seasoned colleagues. I apply a lot of what I learned at Amazon to my current businesses.

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