Remote Workers May 2, 2020

How do you keep a good team cohesion when working remotely?

Henri Chabrand @Henric

That's the question I've been asking myself for the past months.

The current situation forces many of us to work remotely – and maintaining a good team spirit and cohesion can be difficult, especially for teams that are not used to work this way.

We tried a lot of things to stay close and agreed that video conferencing was a good way to recreate what we had when working in the same office – so we've started by using Zoom to create a recurring "morning coffee" meeting.
Not a mandatory meeting – but always here for anyone to drop by and say "Hi"

That was great, but it was only a one-time-in-day gathering and then it was radio silence...

That's when I started thinking about a way for those gathering to be more present in our day to day and spontaneous – I was picturing people being able to just moving around in the office and starting talking to each other... but not in real life.

That why I've decided to build Swingby – a minimalist video conference tool to create space for informal conversations and spontaneous collaboration between remote teams – as if they were working in the same room.

It took me three weekends to build it, so it's really a MVP – but it has been really great for us, so I'll share it with you folks.

see Swingby in action here

I'll be more than happy to get your feedback 🙏

And you? How do you deal with maintaining a good team spirit with a distributed team?

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    Hey Henri, Congrats on launching on Product Hunt!
    We were always a remote team (even pre-covid) so it is interesting now that there are apps and programs coming that even we can use to get the 'in the office' feeling.
    For us, we will probably have to ease into it and your casual morning coffee routine seems like a great place to start :) After that maybe we can test Swingby!