How do you keep effective version control of your desktop files? I might build a better solution...

I have tried dropbox (with its version history feature) and traditional naming and file management strategies. I was wondering if there were any more efficient, user-friendly ways of keeping track of your desktop files and their respective versions? Almost a GitHub for desktop files.

I have in mind a solution where I will have a hosted repository of all my files, and once I select one file (eg 'Sales Deck') it would show me all versions (past commits) of the 'Sales Deck' file, from both myself and anyone else I share that particular repository with.

I know dropbox and (kind of) G Suite have this baked in as a feature, but find it hard to use as the UX isn't tailored towards this feature.

If I can't find anything that better suits my needs, then I may have a go developing something that does!

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    I do use dropbox as well, but seldom need to use it. I will tend to simply create multiple version of files if I need a "history". Like "designv1; designv2; designv3" for ux design files for examples.

    I think that I could be attracted to such a product though. If it was well done, it could likely enable new use cases, and give me a new way of saving and organizing files. If I could "tag" versions and stuff like that as well, seems very appealing to keep it cleaner.

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      100%, the cleaner route seems way more appealing; I'll keep you updated if/when I build something :)

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        Awesome, I’m curious to see what you come up with 🤟

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