How do you keep track of all your SaaS subscriptions?

I just realized that I am subscribed to many services (Hosting, Domains, Photoshop, Backups, etc.) but I have no idea how much I spend on those in total or what are the estimated upcoming costs.

Are there any tools that somehow allow you to keep track of SaaS subscription pricing and renewals? The services I use are split across multiple email addresses and payment methods.

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    Sounds like problem that an IndieHacker should fix ;)

    No but seriously I have this problem as well and have thought about how to fix it. Right now I just have everything is a spreadsheet.

    With subscriptions, API:s etc becoming more commonplace... I see a billion dollar company sitting in plain sight.

    Not sure how to approach it though.

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      Yeah there is an app that is in beta right now, recurring.co from slidebean

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      It would be nice if all services had a subscription API, but I assume most of them don't.

      A solution that I see is to somehow connect to each account/3rd party service and check the billing details for renewal dates. Another solution might be based on the emails received, but not all services mention renewals in emails.

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    I thought of building something like that for companies who can quickly lose track of who is using a given service/number of users etc... I haven't thought about it in a while though. The main issue is how to poll users periodically (or close to subscription renewal time). I wish I had a tool like that for my own subscriptions that I seem to forget about, and which then auto-renew!

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    A problem that definitely needs a solution.

    We have a Google Sheet with all vendors we use.

    We have also tried a couple of solutions to track these that let you issue virtual credit cards, and then we put all our SaaS services on those cards.

    We've even broken out separate cards for things like Technology vs Marketing expenses.

    NachoNacho had a lot of nice features but for mission critical services (like infrastructure) we've been using Stripe.

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    I'd love to create something like this, but the implementation is pretty difficult.

    The only way I see this working (with the least amount of manual intervention from the user), is to allow users create "virtual cards," and through these cards, they pay for the subscriptions.

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    We use NachoNacho which is pretty sweet. I create a new card for each SaaS trial I sign up for. You can set spending limits for each card too so you don't have to remember to cancel free trials, or if subscriptions make it a pain to cancel you just delete the card.

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      NachoNacho sounds close to what I need, does it work worldwide or only in the US?

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        Not sure. If you are in Europe then Cledara is similar.

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    I've been thinking a lot about this problem because during customer development interviews, I've had people tell me "you know what you're working on is cool, but I need you to solve this". I'd been thinking of this as a niche play targeting my market, but I could definitely see this being bigger.

    Unfortunately, I'm pushing to launch the MVP of my current project in the middle of this month, and Indie Hackers Ship so haven't been digging into this too much. Just enough to have figured out the core product. So, it sounds like there's demand if I build this. How much would you pay for a service like this?

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    I do two things:

    1. I opened a checking account with a debit card that's only used for business purchases.

    2. I use Quicken and categorize all transactions, so that if anything misses #1, I still can account for it.

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    When my card expired (and subscriptions started to fail) I moved them to a virtual Revolut card. Much easier to track individually and get an overview.

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      Personally I had a bad experience with Revolut for business. I also usually have to use multiple payment methods (PayPal, Credit Card, etc.)

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        Curious what your use case is for PayPal @XCS?

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          Some services don't accept credit cards. Also, I have my PayPal in USD and my credit card in my local currency (RON), so when a depending on the currency I might also chose to use a different payment method to avoid currency exchange fees.

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