How do you learn copywriting?

Copywriting is the last thing I'd do. I decided to pick this up early this year.

This is not only a skill for business but also an essential skill for personal development.

I have been reading Copyblogger and Copyhackers for a while, and I love it. Added Blogging For Devs into my toolkit recently!

Right now, I will at least create 2-3 content / blog / microscopy on a weekly basis. Really enjoy the process. Looking for more!

How do you learn copywriting? What is your favorite source of knowledge?

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    The most practical and immediate use resource: One Page Funnel course by the Moran brothers. My sales page converts at 10-15% because of it. EDIT: the course + Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets' Beliefs chapter. Together they'll enable you to create the emotional journey of a successful sales page.

    For foundational learning on something as unchanging as human psychology, the tried-and-tested millions of times classics are your best teachers. Dan Kennedy's The Ultimate Sales Letter is a classic for a reason. The Boron Letters are another classic. You'll need to read these repeatedly as you'll find new nuggets with increased experience.

    Once you have written/rewritten 20-30 pages, you have enough context to actually derive value from Schwartz's Breakthrough Advertising. The book sells for $200+ but I think you can find a copy on scribd.

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        He is advertising to me on YouTube. Here's the link to the Free Masterclass and I am sure he'll pitch the actual course at the end of the masterclass: https://try.samcart.com/1729-per-day-b-yt/

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        That's right, although it was a whole course when I took it with a lot more examples and support than that article. I can't find their course landing page anymore.

        Also, I just remembered that I actually combined this course + Russell Brunson's Expert Secrets' Beliefs chapter to create my sales page. You need the latter to write a story and benefits section that creates the emotional journey you need to take your prospects through before they'll buy from you.

        Edited my main answer above to include a reference to Expert Secrets.

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      Waoh you're the champ. So many great resources in this comment.

      How can I help you vice versa @richap

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        Glad they are helpful, Felix!

        Appreciate the offer to help. I can't think of anything immediately. Let's just stay in touch!

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    I would strongly suggest the Udemy course mentioned by @ariaz. It serves as a good basis to grasp the fundamental understanding of copywriting and some great techniques to go along with that.
    Apart from that, I also like this article. Although it’s not a book or article, this tool is good for inspiration while writing a copy.

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      I read the article right at the beginning of my journey 6 months ago. Really useful article. Thanks for bringing it back t my attention

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    Hi Felix
    I started learning copywriting at the start of Lockdown and through my research the following tips will help greatly some will need a little investment:

    • AWAI.com are the hub for copywriting on the internet. They have the worlds best copywriters associated with them. They have a number of free articles which give you a great foundation but their courses cover all elements you can think of.

    • Try the following Udemy course gives you a great start in only 3 hours

    Anything else..Just shout. Happy to help

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      @ARIAZ awai is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing :)

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    My favorite (after exploring hundreds of websites) is MarketingExperiments. Their founder (Flint Mcglaughlin) has some amazing videos. They're the real deal because they're working with clients and doing thousands of A/B split tests, and the lessons they teach are insights from those tests. Def check them out.

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      Thanks for sharing this. Never heard before. Going to check in a minute!

      Like your Felix the cat avatar ;) @zerotousers

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        Haha I just searched for cat cartoons on Google & really liked this one.

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    I learn copywriting by studying how people do it.
    Like Dave Gerhardt, his social media posts are very good and engaging.
    I jotted down some notes half a year ago in order to improve my copywriting skills, and today I just decided it would be nice to put it out there for others to read too.
    Hope it helps!

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    I found a cool team of copywriters on the internet https://www.buyessayscheap.com/essay-writer-cheap.html they are my right hand and my best help. I don't have time to learn the copywriting and I found another solution.

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    1. You can start by Reading 'Influence' by Robert Cadini
      I did that could nt really grasp it i think being a wordsmith takes practice

    2)Basically I use a workbook + software(shows the different formats ) now as i hone my skills.
    See eg. below.
    1 Headlines
    Attention: [Benefit] By Using This Secret Method. Introducing: [Number] Steps To [benefit]


    Attention: Eliminate Your Debt By Using This Secret Method. Introducing: 8 Steps To A Superior Financial Life

    Warning: Don’t Try Another [intended solution] Until You Watch This Video/Read This


    Weight loss
    Warning: Don’t Try Another Weight Loss Supplement Until You Watch This Video

    1. there is also site kopywritingkourse.com
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      This is awesome @Yoofi_Annan - how would you measure the performance of your content?

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    3 things you can do learn Copywriting that Sells

    1. Read & copy all Gary Halbert Letters.
    2. The most important part of any copy it's the Headline. Spend 50% of your time on it.
    3. This is the best book on copywriting for sales...


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    Copywriting is dead, he said.

    He didn't actually say that. What he did say is that the no.1 rule of writing great copy is to ensure the prospect reads the first sentence of the copy. I think I've achieved that in this instance :)

    Who am I talking about you may ask? Legendary ad man, Joseph Sugarman. I've read many books on copywriting, but his book, "Advertising secrets of the written word" was a game changer. It ain't cheap, but it's worth every penny.

    I'd say I've been able to earn $1000's in revenue since reading the book in April this year.

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      Of course they’re not haha! Thanks for all the great insights!

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      I knew he taught content writing. I didn't realize he also teaches copywriting. That's awesome!

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      Thanks for sharing @Rufusdenne - what’s the biggest lesson you learned from him?

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