How do you login users on you site?

How do you login users on your site?

How do you login users on your site?
  1. Custom login
  2. Google login
  3. Facebook login
  4. other
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    I have used Google login in my recent project, https://www.onlibrary.site

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    I offer Google Login along with traditional email and password login on my site https://twayobiz.com and it has worked perfectly for the last six months. I've been using this method to log people in as well as in past products for nearly a year now.

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    Firebase with email login was the simplest for me.

    Everyone has email, but I wouldn't be satisfied just doing just an e.g. Google login (users aren't guaranteed to have a Gmail). So I'd have to include apple and email as well.

    Does that logic make sense?

  4. 1

    Devise. Pretty much standard in Rails.

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    Hi @pjoe.
    I wonder why exactly you don't include Twitter login. Do you believe that this option is not popular?

    1. 1

      Nobody uses Twitter login really. Google Login is the most popular with Github and Facebook login coming in second.

      1. 1

        Do you have a measurement based on your answer? In my opinion, it would be better to include as many options as possible.

        1. 2

          A problem I frequently encounter is forgetting which login I used for a service and inadvertently creating a new account. Maybe companies see accidental new accounts as a positive metric lol 🤔

        2. 1

          Look at all the sites using Google signing that I have signed into:

          That's nearly 280 sites including my own (Twayobiz)

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