How do you make sense of Indie Hackers?

So I'm back here after a 3 year hiatus spent chasing other dreams and...it seems like there is so much (good) content to filter through. I'm curious to hear ways in which people navigate this site to get the most value out of it.

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    Nothing fancy. I browse the home page and the Newest page a few times per day, reading potentially interesting posts and commenting when I have something to say. Sometimes I publish posts to share my experience or ask questions.

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    I understand, It's a bit like sipping water from an open fire hose. There's just too much to consume. I'm fairly new, too.

    I read a bit every day as a habit. I especially like the section "Newest" and try to respond frequently in order to help others. There are also groups of "topics" so that you can find the posts that are most relevant to what you are doing.

    I would also recommend posting because not only will you find helpful people but it also lets people get to know you. Also, complete your profile with as much as you are ready to share with others. IH is a wonderful place.

    Best of luck!

    One more thing I'll add. The podcast is exceptional and Courtland is an amazing interviewer. I like to listen in my car.

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      Thanks for this answer; it validates what I intuitively felt would be a good approach.

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    Just check out the top Today, top Weekly, top Monthly, and all time.

    Check other social media in the past of what was popular and trendy. ProductHunt is always a good place to check too.

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    Hey @uzoma, if you are interested in just growth strategies shared by indie hackers and founders, you might wanna check out GrowthHunt.co

    I built this database to share what are the strategies used by other indie founders after finding myself combing through this info on Indie Hackers and other business related sites.


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      Thank you for the recommendation

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