How do you manage your time for every day?

Hello 👋

I am the creator of iconsizer.com. I found out that without scheduling tasks and specifying roughly how much time it will take to do them every day is very hard to stay productive.

So I am curious about what tactics and tools are you using to manage your time. I use Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

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    google calendar, all the way. here's my schedule. literally how i do things: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-i-schedule-and-calendar-my-week-271098aefd

    vlog in there too.

    thanks for posting in #businessops!

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      Great post! I really like the idea of color-coding the things I want to do. Thanks 😉👍

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        thanks man! it's working!

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    I write about Customer Experience on my site (mundocx.com) and publish some content on social media. I use Todoist to keep track of the daily tasks. It has worked really well and by 9 AM I've already finished those tasks.

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    For weekly planning, I follow Adora's framework outlined here:

    For day-to-day execution, I start with the highest impact-lowest effort items, and use Toggl to track my time.

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      Thanks, I will check it out.

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