How do you market an NFT?

Anybody here in the NFT space?

Any idea how to approach marketing an NFT collection so it's seen by the right people?

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    A friend of mine had success with a $150 promo tweet by an NFT influencer, and an invite-based contest/giveaway in discord. The initial people came from a tweet and invited others to win the contest.

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      nice, sounds like a good strategy, thanks for sharing!
      Any idea who the NFT influencer was?

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    There are several avenues for marketing an NFT collection. Also depends on the type of NFT project (generative PFP, fines arts, etc).

    Most successful NFT projects succeed because of the community built around the project. Discord seems to be the go-to for NFT communities. I see a lot of contests, giveaways, invite challenges, etc to grow the Discord community before launch day.

    Twitter is also common and works hand-in-hand with Discord for posting progress and updates and getting the community to share as well.

    Listing on NFT calendar sites and newsletters is also a must. This is actually what I've been working on recently—running an NFT newsletter.

    Depending on your type of project you can also get added (typically paid) to rarity ranking websites, like rarity.tools and Rarity Sniper.

    Some NFT platforms will also work with creators to promote their work. But seems like you already need solid clout.

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      thanks this is very helpful!

      Curious to hear more about that newsletter. I'd be interested in those calendar listings.

      I was thinking if there's a place where you get linked up with NFT influencers or newsletters, haven't found anything yet.

      Someone that lists quality projects would be an ideal match for what I'm looking for.

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        found the newsletter, was just reading through it!
        Looks great, congrats.
        Where do you get those NFT listings? Are they mostly on Opensea? That table looks rad.

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          Thanks for the kind words about the newsletter. We have plans to develop our own "algorithms" for the data tables that will determine whether a project will mint out on launch day, etc.

          There are a lot of websites and twitter accounts to check out. Many list the same projects. People also share new projects on Discord groups.

          Here are some of the upcoming lists I've collected.

          ## Upcoming & Lists

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    I made a huge list of places you can promote NFT's for free here: https://nftriver.io/nft-promotion-guide

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