Productivity September 18, 2020

How do you organize your personal projects

George Xanthopoulos @gexos

What software do you guys use to manage your personal projects? Especially for requirements and feature documentation, but also things like time management and so on.

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    I just have a huge pile of A4 papers and a pen on the right side of my desk & I write there. To-Dos, issues to fix, documentation, anything.

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    I use a combination of Trello and Notion.


    • Task list boards (one for each project) - I use Trello to manage my personal task list as well (chores, errands)
    • I have separate task backlogs (lists) for Features, Bugs, and Design (UX, graphic design) work
    • I then have a list of tasks that I am in-progress on or soon to be working on
    • Then everything completed goes to the "Done" list
    • I subscribe to Trello gold and have lots of automation rules with Butler (tagging, due dates, etc)


    • I use Notion for my day job, my personal notes, and organized notes for my side projects
    • For my side project (Mobo Games), I use Notion to record:
    1. High-level strategic plans (using their board views)
    2. Taking notes for larger tasks that I am working on (e.g. Stripe integration). These are useful because it contains all the context I need to pick up where I left off. Also helpful if I write a blog post about my learnings
    • I also use Notion to record notes and ideas for my weekly newsletter (Small Tech Business), this makes actually writing the newsletter much, much faster
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    • My attention management system is a mindmap on mindmeister (loosely adapted from GTD - I use it for years). I plan how many pomodoro I do on each project each week.

    • I manage the projects themselves in Trello. I would love to have a self-host solution;
      maybe one day. One column for references (links to stuff which can help me), one column for next version, one column for current version, one column for in progress, one column for done, one column for abandoned.

    • For documentation: Hugo. Here's an example I've done.

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    I use Trello for tracking projects & github pages for documentations

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    This is a tough one because there are a lot of tools out there but each do something different. Ticketing systems like Jira are great for teams so for personal projects I would use something else like Trello or Notion. I migrated to Notion since you can have a todo list, boards and documentation, but the cost is you have to spend time setting it up and continuously manage where you put the info.

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    AirTable. They're basically Google Sheets on steroids.

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    We have developed Satiurn a platform where you can manage working task of multiple projects and you can also manage the accounting things related to each project. For the documentation we usually use google documents we don't need something more complex.

  8. 1 for Time management for calls/meetings for productivity monitoring
    Jira for developing
    And Scrum, do not forget about Scrum

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    I use GitLab for source control, so I use that for features requirements. For time management, I use Self Manager (full disclosure, I created it) because it follows GTD

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