Design and UX October 6, 2020

How do you pick fonts?

Aquiles Carattino @aqui_c

I am going through a redesign phase of my personal space, and I am trying to pick fonts for it. Given that there is such a large selection (both free and paid), how do you pick fonts for your projects?

I am interested in your thought process, what do you look after, how many different fonts do you use (i.e. do you use different fonts for headings and body, or the same font with different weights?)

I found myself peeking at the font choices of tons of websites, and is so hard to choose!

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    Font Wolf is a great site to find new fonts and releases as well as a bunch of really well done font pairings.

    Some of my personal favorites are: Inter, IBM Plex, San Francisco, Poppins, Utopia Std

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      Thanks! IBM Plex is one of my favorites as well! However, I've settled for Geomanist, I think it gives a slightly more personal touch.

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    Hey! I like start with one font and if possible try to work only with that. Bringing in a second font on one will add a lot of flare, which can be cool but requires a lot of nuance! It's usually not needed and can end up taking away from the design.

    I really like Poppins, the font you are using currently. It's clean, readable, and a little bit playful. Other faves of mine are Inter and IBM Plex. For most sites a nice simple sans is the best choice!

    I hope that's helpful!

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      I'm experimenting with Geomanist on the website now... I think it look pretty clean! No more serif fonts, just one with different weights.

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        That one looks great!

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      Thanks! The fact you liked Poppins boosts my confidence! I am also looking for something slightly different, such as Geomanist which I think looks superb as well...

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