How do you price a newsletter?

How did you come up with pricing for your newsletter?

I am starting my first newsletter where I will be sharing Chrome Extension Ideas sourced from the market.

I am planning to share 3 new ideas every week but can't decide how to price it.

is there a framework that I can follow or I should just start with the bare minimum and see how it goes?

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    It's weird when so many people have the same problem as you are facing.

    It took me more time and was a bigger struggle as a whole deciding how to monetize BeeTrendy compared to actually making it.

    In the end I just let it all be out there for free with a link to BMC hoping for support (which I truly am depending on to cover my costs).

    The other ways generally are:

    • subscribe for free for basic and offer some more detailed newsletters/options as premium
    • ads
    • sponsorship
    • paid only
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      I will have a free version and a paid version. I'm clear on that but I want to make sure that I'm getting the pricing correct.

      I have set up the pricing as $10/month and will be creating a unique offer for the first 20-100 subscribers for $5/month.

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