How do you promote your Gumroad product?

I am new to Gumroad and wanted to know what are the common ways of promoting your Gumroad products.

I got my first 2 sale through this group, decent traffic from twitter but that's it. I have a few Lagstack project ideas in my head.

What strategy worked for you and what didn't, I would love to hear those and hopefully apply them for my own products.

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    You have an interesting product. Personally I found it very hard to sell a standalone spreadsheet for $10. I tried this last year, and didn't work despite getting 10K+ views on the landing page. I think people are not accustomed to buy information packaged that way, and expect this sort of thing to be free. For consumer products, sales & marketing is almost all about psychology. The value might be there, but if people are anchored to free, it's a hard thing to break.

    On the other hand, I did manage to sell almost $22K worth of spreadsheets as an add-on to my Twitter course. About 28% of buyers choose the $15 add-on. So it seems to work better when packaged that way.

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    Twitter and YouTube have been my best two channels.

    One thing that makes a huge difference is that I presold my product (an ebook), so I'm sharing updates on parts of it as I complete them. The people who have already bought love the news that more stuff is available for them. Some who haven't bought jump in to get the discount.

    It's much easier than if the product were done and I were just repeatedly trying to promote it.

    For your situation, using Lagstack to put together reports (free or paid) and then sharing those might have a similar dynamic.

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      Youtube? interesting!
      What kind of content are you sharing there?

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        Elixir programming tutorials

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    For VenturesList, I first did a 30 days build in public, collected 110+ people on waitlist.

    I got my first 22 customers by writing on Twitter, Indie Hackers almost everyday for a week.

    After that I did a Product Hunt Campaign and got another 2x customers.

    Now I am working on its ver 2.1 :)

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      Interesting, how do you maintain the traffic between the pikes? Did you tried running some ads?

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        My traffic is pretty steady so far. I never put any ad budget on my side projects. Super lean :p

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      How many did end up buying from the waiting list?

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    What worked for me:

    • Twitter, i build in public there and grow an audience for months now
    • Reddit
    • online communities like makerlog, nocodefounders, bootstrapped etc...

    My first gumroad product is a list of 400+ places where to promote your product -> spreadtheworld.net

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    Short-term you should do what everyone else is suggesting -- build an audience (Reddit, Twitter, PH, etc.)

    Long-term, you should focus on building a Landing Page (hint: we run a service you might be interested in) and invest in SEO so you can drive a constant stream of users to your product

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      A landing page and a blog!

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