How do you record Product Onboarding Demo Videos

Hi I'm building a data visualization dashboard. I believe the value an MVP would provide is enough to support a "complex" onboarding process using uploaded .csv data.

While I am not interested in moving away from that process (for now), I do want to provide a smooth user experience to go through the data upload. I believe a video would word well for my case.

In the past, I've used PowToon or screenrecording. But it's been a couple of years since that, and maybe new options are available. A second constraint I face, is that I'm not a native English speaker person and my ideal solution would involve some digitalzation of the instructions either by using text, or syntethizing the voice with AI.

If I can find a good solution for this problem, I would love to use it as well to showcase the features of the product.

Thanks for your support and suggestions.

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    You could use a traditional screen recording tool (I personally use Screencastify as it runs in the browser) plus Narakeet to edit the video and generate the narration through voice synthesis.

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      Narakeet seems really nice! I'll give it a try

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        It is. Narakeet is now out of Beta and open for busines with paid plans reasonably priced also for small creators.

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    Loom.com is pretty good for recording such videos. Try that out, otherwise if you want to get more advanced — check out OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

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    murf.ai is pretty good tool for AI voiceovers, they also provide the functionality to sync your videos or presentation with the voiceover within the tool itself. Try it out.

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    Video card software for example Radeon Software, if you have AMD

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