How do you run your BETA programs for your software?

I'm currently working on developing a BETA program for our online CRM, and am looking to see how you guys implement one for your own software.

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    My process:

    • Collect beta signups via landing page with MailChimp form
    • Send out invite urls that have an invite code attached. Even though invite code looks random, everyone gets the same invite code. It just sets a cookie that's read client-side and renders the app if it's correct. No need to overengineer.
    • Invite beta participants to a private forum or Slack to give feedback.
    • Try to schedule calls with as many beta testers as possible to learn more about them and their experience.
    • Spend as little time as possible in beta. Launch publically a few weeks later unless there are major issues that need to be addressed.
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      Great! Thank you so much for your advice.

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    I am developing JPEG artifacts removing tool and for Beta version:

    1. Tested it myself as much as possible. Using diverse data as an input and near to target domain.
    2. Asked friends / mates from IT to test it for free / personal usage. Sometimes it works.
    3. Posted links at betafy and website like that, but has no traffic / response from them.

    And yeah, for testing purpose I also publish demo-version with quite restricted functionality hoping someone will write a feedback :)

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