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How do you share files across mobile phones and PC

Farhan Yahya @farhano123

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to share a link from your PC to phone or to view a website on your phone? This happens to me a lot.
If same happens to you, how do you go about it.
Me: I save it as draft in my email and then open the email app on phone.

eg: Today I made a prototype on figma and wanted to see it on my phone. And to share the link, I used my simple email draft method.

Will be glad to hear of your trick

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    If you have a mac and iphone this works pretty flawlessly with airdrop and handoff.

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    I use Chrome's built-in sharing features (i.e. right click > Send to device) for links, Google Docs or Drive for documents or files. I have Chrome OS on the desktop, Android on mobile.

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    If you laptop is a Mac and your phone is an iPhone, you can copy on one device and paste on the other, granted both are connected to the same network. I'm using this all the time... I think something similar exists on Windows 10 to synch with Android phones

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      Interesting. I'm on windows and android.

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        you can use "Windows Phone" that connect your Windows with Android device.

        I setup that in my father's PC, so he may check the notifications, also the clipboard from Android to PC, vice versa. Windows Phone claims that it can connect to iOS devices too, but I haven't tested it.

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    My devices are all Apple, so I use handoff, but recently I use Firefox on my macbook, that prevents handoff can be used.

    Fortunately, the latest clipboard is shared between apple devices, so if I copy the url from any of apple device, I can paste it on other apple devices. More hassle, but it is better than nothing.

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    I use Firefox to share tabs between my PC an mobile. It's just 2 clicks. A few times a day I find something (blog, app, pdf, etc..) while on my phone and I send it to my PC. When I open Firefox, the sended tabs load.

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    I send them to myself on Telegram.

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    I use this. It's secure and free. Test It.

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      This platform still requires you to share a link

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        Sorry, i misunderstood your question

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    Files or photos: Dropbox, Googledrive etc.
    Links: I send myself an email

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    Send links via WhatsApp or FB messenger. Extremely low tech.

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      How do you do that when you're sending it to yourself?

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        Whoops I guess it's probably more so FB messenger. You can message yourself.

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    I use Slack. I have different channels where I send the links/docs and can access them from all my devices.

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      So this is technically like my method and means you have slack everywhere

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        Yeah, Slack is one of the tool I find easy to use on Linux, Windows and iOS.
        I’d say that I find two advantages in Slack over email drafts:

        • keep an history in Slack with simple notes
        • organize stuff in channels
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          Yeah that's cool than email drafts :)

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    I'm a Windows and Android guy, and I use to send the link or file to all my devices. It works alright.

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      Okay so you have pushbullet everywhere it seems

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    I use the Airdrop but for windows and Android I use Dropbox folders

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