How do you spend your Sunday?

Do you code?
Do you watch tv?
Do you scroll instagram all day?

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    I spend my Sundays working, of course.
    Sunday is the first day of the weekday in Israel, not Monday ;)

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      Wow, I didn't know that.

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      Hahaha great answer 😂

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    Football! Nothing beats playing and watching on sunday.. I also do a bit of improvements to my app, because it's a hobby too

    It's weird how product making on a Sunday is fun and relaxed ..I want to create that feel on weekdays

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      Same here! I've lately been spending my time surprised and happy about the Browns this year

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    I thought I would watch a movie. But just built this one https://listt.xyz

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      That's cool, do you know of any other tools like Siteoly? I was looking for something like that a while ago, but didn't find anything.

      1. 1

        Hi, the closest alternative is sheet2site but that would cost about $600/year

        Siteoly is my own product with happy paying customers and comes with search, filters, custom domains, detailed pages, embed scripts and alot of other things and comes at about $8/m

        1. 2

          Thanks for the info, I might give it a try when I have some time to work on a side-project I was planning.

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      That's really cool Upen :)
      Would you please add more APIs for my country India. There is not enough there. Since I am building something like that related to Indian history and politics.

      1. 1

        Thankyou. I will look for the related APIs. If you have the list somewhere, point to me and I will be happy to go through it.

        Also, I am planning to do a PH launch and just asked on IH here at https://www.indiehackers.com/post/i-built-this-in-an-hour-should-i-do-a-ph-launch-a183e5d897

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    • Updating the formulas in a Notion template I sell as a digital product
    • Text banking to help COVID high risk voters create vote by mail/safely plans
    • Watching a movie while I journal on the past week and plan for the week ahead
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    Sunday = me time. Which means surf or climb, then code.

  6. 2

    Had coffee on my balcony overlooking the sea.

    Coded some fixes for my side project.

    Deployed my side project on AWS Amplify.

    Pruned my Kanbanflow.com board with upcoming updates/fixes/steps to complete for my sideproject.

    Completed about 2 hours of freelance work.

    Watched a Netflix docu called American Murder.

    Listened to techno on my bluetooth headphones when my neighbors started watching a loud movie.

    T'was a good Sunday.

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    I have a simple Sunday routine. I am studying in the morning, and then the rest of my day working on my projects till around 10 pm.

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    Pre-Corona: I used to plan some activities, chill and hang with friends. At night I always plan the week ahead.


    • I usually go through my weekly to-do's and see what I have missed. If there is anything that can be done quickly I try to get it done.

    • I try to spend a few hours (2-3) of reading. Right now I am re-reading Zero to One by Peter Thiel.

    • I call family and relatives.

    • If I'm in the mood I will work on a side project.

    • If there is a Formula 1 Grand Prix I watch it alone or with friends.

    • At the end of the day I spend about 30mins planning the week ahead.

    Note: I don't force myself to do these things, but most of the times this is pretty much it.

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    I try to learn something on Sundays.

  10. 1

    The same as any other day. I take a day off when I need it, not when it's scheduled.

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    Reading something somewhat useful, and working on my novel

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    I have a list "Strenuous Leisure Activities"

    This includes writing book reports, karaoke, and meal prep.

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    Sundays are my "nature day". That means hiking or mountain biking, then relax in the afternoon with some movie or series. Spending 6 out of 7 days in the centre of an european capital is already too much for my body!

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    I was planning to relax and take a break from work since I've been literally coding all week but I ended up launching a new feature for One Word Domains and spent half the day dealing with bug reports and customer requests anyways 😂

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    Researched a little bit for an article about target-counters,
    Played online with some friends,
    Watched a movie with my wife,
    and now helping a friend with his 11ty page :)

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    Ended up inviting my first users to register today. Then realized (immediately) some errors that needed to be fixed and started down that road. Ha.

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    I set myself on the journey to finish up the SELinux chapter for my book. But it's a bit tricky chapter so I made little progress (any progress counts though!). Apart from that I relaxed a lot, I had a podcast walk around the village, watched Netflix, and surf the web.

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    Just finished my company's new website @ devevi.com

    If you need your mobile application's any part to be done in 5 days with a fixed price. Here we are 😎

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      Cool service. Do you do native or React Native/Flutter?

      1. 1

        Thanks @strzibnyj :) We do native iOS and Android, for now.

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    Lockdown. So was coding.
    Just finished upgrading this page:

    1. 1

      Such a cool website.
      Can it produce the notes for any song? I was trying to search Alan walker songs by name, I didn't get any.

      How this works exactly?

      1. 2


        This is all I've got for Alan Walker:
        https://www.singingcarrots.com/artist-range?artist=Alan Walker

        The website doesn't produce notes by song. It has only vocal ranges of songs stored in the db, so you can search by them. I scrap that data from the web.

        Though I was thinking to build such a feature as you describe one day.

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    I try and unwind by watching some YouTube or Twitch streams, but I try and still be productive as well. I'd say most of my Sundays are still spent either writing code, thinking about code, writing about code or talking about code.

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    I often work on my side hustle. I am somehow addicted to it :D

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    I code a lot,
    Talk to clients for demo,
    Read some books,

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    my sunday is typically spent half half family and coding on my project ( Open Lowcode ). Today, I am almost done with a major feature: the introduction of subclasses.

    Family time includes bringing children to the park, baking a cake with the children, and very often a board game.

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    I try to balance out work and no-work. For me that means a little bit of each every day. Today will be exercise, work on my project, then books/coffee/being silly with the kiddos!

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    Reading some documentations to understand a weird bug happened to me this week. I do scroll instagram every 10 min along with reading ( reading docs is soo boring haha )

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    Playing improv theater in the evening and after that I hope I have enough energy left to record a new YouTube video ;)

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    wellm it, depends...this Sunday I am home alone so,...coding.

    I am working on my side project right now, wicked templates. I am removing bulma templates and then just working with Tailwind.

    you can see it here

    is not finished though...


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    hey Vikas,
    yes i do code, watch tv and scroll Instagram all day.
    And scroll twitter too. But on Saturday and Sunday is chill days.

    Weekdays i grind alot

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    Most of the time I spend it hanging out with my gf.
    the only "work" i do is writing and sending my newsletter

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    Trying to find a balance between not feeling bad for working too much or too little :D

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      So you too suffering from shiny object syndrome :p

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    Unfortunately, this Sunday has been none stop... with the development of zubbit.io and other web projects which I'm involved in its simple no rest at all for me :-(

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      That's nice.
      Good luck!

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    Visit family and friends, lunch and go to the park with the dogs. Read a lot too!

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      Damn! You got no chills.

  33. 1

    Building some privacy policy pages for my products.

    1. 1

      This is a good way of advertising your product.

      1. 1

        Does it, really advertise? Does it motivate people to go to the link? Just trying to understand.
        Although, I didn't mean to advertise, I have edited the comment.

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    The same as every other day. Do some work in the morning. Go to the park with kid in the afternoon. Do whatever in the evening (some work usually) and then whatever at night (usually ends up being more work).

  35. 1

    Watch movies + Plan for next week

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