How do you succeed to get your guest post approved?

Hi everyone!

I have 6 months of https://www.pawmenow.com/. I've tried to have constant activity, posting at least 1-2 articles per week (to less). From April until now I've reached 2,596 views. My next focus, in order to grow my domain rating, is backlinking through guest posts. I've tried and send some emails but still no responses.

Any advice? Thanxx

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    Utilize all the social channels. Twitter, Insta, fb, etc etc etc. Repost snippets or whatever to all of them for that sweet link juice; your rankings will improve. And start doing Youtube videos to go along with each post. Show your face even if your scared of it; you'll get much more traffic that way and Youtube videos rank like CRAZY right now, especially when combined with blog posts and other social content.

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      Yes! I already have Twitter, Facebook, and Insta, but I just publish my articles and nothing too special. Your idea is good and got me thinking to start a YT channel soon. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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