How do you think about an Ultimate travel idea generator🧙🏻‍♀️?

Hi there!

This is just an idea from my friends and I: we're too bored and too lazy to think about where to go for our weekend Getaway trip, then we thought to ourselves, "wouldn't it be nice if someone can do the research for us?"

So we made this stuff which we caller it Loopit(https://loopit.dev/), send in requests of your choice of locations; and we will match you with other's travel experience in our database and send it back to you. Then you are good to go! Try it and tell us what do you think, any feedback is welcome!

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    I think it's great...at some point wanted to create this app myself...
    however, I believe the are already Trip planner apps out there.
    Have you done market research? who are your competitors? have you looked yourself for this kind of app when you wanted to travel?

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      Hi @OhadShaked,
      Thanks for your feedback! We did check out basically every travel app(as much as we could) in the market. So what we think really makes us different is because most of the app in the market is for doing research, or help you organize, but we don't even want you to do any research. And most of them is focusing on each single point, but our goal is to make a linearized travel experience. Since we are a bunch of super lazy people, we know how painful it is to do the research.

      Thanks for your feedback, I hope my explanation is clear enough, if you have any further feedback or question please let me know!

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          We know this one, and it is another good travel product. It did plan the trip for tourists. However, we focus more on local exploring, in other word, weekend getaway, which we believe have great potential and haven’t been well explored. Let’s say, I already live in NYC for couple years, there are some cool stuff comes up every single day, but I don’t really have time to do research on weekday. By using our app, I can get inspired by other’s experience and don’t need to do the research and all other trip planning parts by myself. The main value of our product is we reshape the way of sharing travel experience, no more travel blog and user don’t need to switch between different apps to check the location of each landmark, etc. In short, I’ll use the app that you mentioned for my first visit to NYC, but it will not be my choice after living here for 3 years.
          Thanks for bringing this up and we are looking forward to furthering discussion!

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            "cool stuff comes up every single day".. sounds more like culture, theater, shows etc. ?!

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    I really like this idea....however, I would go for a niche....Mexico travel...boutique hotel travel.....foodie travel....urban travel, etc. Makes it easier to build a tribe.

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      Hi @cyberbadger,

      So glad you like it! I totally agree with your idea, at this point our database is not big enough to match different styles of travel, ideally, we want to make the segmentation more precisely, too. But this is definitely the direction we are heading to.

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