How do you track page views?

Currently, I am using Google Analytics. But of course, it is just working if people are accepting the cookie AND I think if they don't use any Adblockers.

What is a more reliable way of tracking basic page views?

I know about Plausible but find it a bit too expensive tbh.
Is it possible with AWS Pinpoint?

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    There's already a good thread here on IH talking about this, but considering you're from Germany. You may want to especially check out Pirsch. The founders are also here on IH: @m5blum @Motorschpocht

    I personally run a self-hosted version of Plausible which is a pretty easy docker-compose setup for me and costs me ~1 EUR per month.

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      Thank you for mentioning us! :)

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      Awesome thanks! I didn't know about self hosting plausible I think I will do that :)

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    Fathom Analytics - they've got most of those options sorted and it's schmick to use.

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    I actually built my own tracking tool. It's really not difficult to build your own, use google charts, etc. I still use GA but might remove it eventually.

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    If you are going self-hosted I can recommend umami. It is fairly simple and not comparable with Google Analytics which you need a degree for.

    I am using this with a simple docker-compose setup for my blog as well.

    There is also plausible as you mentioned which I did not try yet. At the first glance, they look really similar from the design and information.
    They offer a service and a self-hosted version.

    You can run both of these with 5$ machine on any cloud provider and check your page views.

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      Thanks! Maybe I am moving to a self hosted plausible version :)

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