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How do you usually consume Indie Hackers?

Mick @Primer

Mobile Phone or laptop / tablet?

Here's why I'm asking - the world is mobile now and your design should be mobile first. Designing for a desktop / landscape view should be completely secondary, if not tertiary in your thoughts.

I was provoked to ask because I see so many landing pages on here that don't work at mobile sizes. Even if I'm on my laptop the first thing I do when assessing a landing page (or any) design is switch my browser to mobile view.

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    Desktop 90%, mobile 10%.

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      The reason I do it is because people post here their products and want feedback on it, and I think seeing the landing page and app on desktop is quicker and more relevant most of the times.

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    Grilled is nice, baked with cheese on top handles the nerdy, lean Indie Hackers.

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      Honestly, 60% mobile 42% phone.

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        aren't mobile and phone the same thing?

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          Crap, sorry. 60% phone and 40% laptop.

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    100 % laptop. I don't browse the web on the phone if I don't have to.

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    Mobile almost always! Even added to homescreen on iOS

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      Hey Martín.. if you're interested I'm always looking for new beta testers for my Indie Hackers mobile client for iOS 🙂

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      Same 😉

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        Hey Andrea.. if you're interested in trying out my Indie Hackers mobile client for iOS let me know 👍

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          Hey Levi 👋 Why should I use it instead of just adding a link to the home screen?

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            Great question! The short answer is: if you have no problems using the mobile web browser for IH then you don't need a native client.

            For me and quite a few others the mobile web version is a pain. Here's some of the bigger issues:

            • Its very slow.
            • Scrolling is jumpy and inconsistent.
            • Buttons aren't sized for a mobile screen (too small or too big) and take multiple taps to register.
            • Launching IH from a bookmark on the home screen doesn't take you to where you left off. It reloads the site (so you have to wait) and only goes to the home page.

            If you wanna check out some of the testimonials on the Moon landing page I think the general consensus is: its faster and smoother than mobile web but still pretty.

            Happy to hear your thoughts!

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              Looks really cool!

              If I have to be 100% honest I'm not sure I would pay for it.
              But I also think IH deserves a dedicated app.

              Stripe should acquire it and make it free. Win-win 😂

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                Thanks for that honesty.. that type of feedback is important to me! Also an acquisition one day would be pretty sweet!
                If you would like me to email you a beta invite let me know 👍

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    For a long time I thought a web is way to go (and a mobile will switch to webs anyway, look PWA). Recently I've heard ~"you know, here almost nobody has a laptop, everybody is using their phones so it makes much more sense to have an app for something than web app"

    90:10 for desktop, I'm surprised so many people here use mobile

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      I'm surprised that you're surprised.

      My day job is in a large corporation where our website has hundreds of thousands of unique users monthly and we're way over 70% mobile traffic.

      Take into account the fact that google (starting in 2016 and fully realised in 2019) exclusively use your site's mobile view for crawling and ranking and I think it's completely a given that design these days needs to be mobile first.

      Bad mobile experience = bad google rank.

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        Bad mobile experience = bad google rank.

        Google's own tools have given IH horrendous mobile ratings from day 1, especially during its first three years... and yet IH ranks well.

        I'm sure it would rank better if itweren't a crazy SPA with a multi-megabyte bundle that takes forever to load on many mobile devices, but it's clear that this isn't the primary ranking factor.

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        I mean, I was surprised about IndieHackers -- feels like most people are working here on their projects so they use their laptops daily

        Thanks for sharing this fact, good to know!

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    90% laptop, 10% iPad.

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    Both, 50/50 I would say.

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    Desktop 90%.

    When not working, I usually don't come back to IH. Hence mobile only 10%

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    Designing for a desktop / landscape view should be completely secondary, if not tertiary in your thoughts.

    This completely depends on your site. Should Photoshop suite treat desktop users as "completely secondary, if not tertiary"? Probably not.

    My last project was aimed at directly desktop users and my next one will be consumed almost entirely via json requests. There will be a mobile-friendly landing page, but actual usage is not going to come from mobile users.

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      Well I guess first off, Photoshop isn’t a website it’s a native desktop application so that’s a moot point.

      Regards products that are aimed at desktop users; my point still stands and I think you actually agree with me - your homepage / landing page need to be mobile first ad that’s where you’re likely to be discovered, if not ultimately consumed.

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        Well I guess first off, Photoshop isn’t a website it’s a native desktop application so that’s a moot point.

        They do lots of sales online and nearly 100% of them to people with desktop/laptop computers!

        I really don't agree that the homepage / landing pages need to be mobile first for all sites. If you go to the site shared in my profile, Alchemist Camp, it works on a phone but it's intentionally desktop-first. If it were aimed at people who might not even own a computer, then it would be the reverse.

        But who's going to type along with a coding screencast on a phone? I talk to my users regularly and by far the most common mobile use I've heard of is people watching the videos (all hosted on YouTube) on a tablet or phablet while coding on their computer. The only thing that people really want to do via their phones is check to see if anything new is published, and maybe comment.

        100% of sales in 19 months of business have come from desktop users and the sales page initially was more optimized for mobile than desktop.

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    As I've said here before, IH login is broken for me on mobile (as a DDG user), so just desktop.

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    Always desktop.

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    Well, I can't even log into IH on mobile, since its login is broken on my browser of choice (DDG).

    So, I use it almost exclusively on desktop. I'm actually not a big fan of web browsing in general on mobile, though. Other than a few small things like sending messages, getting directions, and checking mail, I mostly use my phone for listening to podcasts while I'm at the park or commuting.

    Similarly, there's no way I'll be designing my site to mobile first. It's a screencast site for programmers! My target audience has a large monitor, a keyboard and they're typing code into their editor while referring to my articles or videos.

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    @Primer, well, 70% on a dual screen desktop setup; 20% on an iPhone, 10% on an iPad. Logistics has more to do with it than anything else.

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      Hey Benjamin I've got an IH iOS client in beta right now if you're looking for a native client

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        Hey @levidxyz, yeah, I'd love to check it out! Right now, the mobile experience for me is Firefox, which isn't bad, but I'd be game to check a client out!

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          Awesome! I just sent a TestFlight invite to the email in your IH profile 👍
          Looking forward to hearing your feedback man!

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            Thanks! I’ll give it a go and let you know. 🙃

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    Mobile Phone 100%

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    eeeek I guess I had better get my media queries working ready for launch on here haha

    Totally expected more of you browsing on desktop!

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      see my updated original post for the context here.

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    100% iPhone

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    80% Mobile / 20% Laptop

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    The responses in this thread make me happy 😊

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      see my updated original post

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    Mostly mobile.