How do you work with webhooks?

Integrations with other popular services are a very effective way of increasing the value of SaaS type solutions. Many of these means working with webhooks to receive updates from other services.
I wanted to know how you guys work with webhooks when developing a solution on your local machine? I know solutions like Ngrok and Expose exist, but I feel like there should be better ways. Some way that's more native to the idea of webhook.
Please let me know in the comments if you have faced any difficulties while working with webhooks and mention any tools that solved your problem.

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    This might be of interest to you https://hookdeck.com/dev-workflow. I'm pretty sure the founder is an IHer.

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      Hookdeck looks really cool. I can see myself using it in my products. Thanks for the tip.

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      Thank you so much, heard about hookdeck before. Their onboarding and overall looks are very nice.

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    Stripe, the payment company, offers the cleanest way to test webhooks with localhost through their CLI. If you have a Stripe account you can login and click on webhooks.
    Obviously, this only pertains to Stripe itself.

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      Yes this is a very neat feature that greatly improves developer experience. It's really a joy to work with Stripe in general.

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    Ngrok & Expose are good options but there are others.

    Services like Wehook Relay can forward your webhook payloads to one or more other sites, including your local install.

    There's also Webhook.site that will accept incoming webhooks and let you examine the payloads.

    Personally, I like ngrok, but realize it might not be the best solution for everybody. Good luck with whatever you choose!

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      Thank you so much, I was looking for something like this.

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    I use webhooks mostly by connecting via ngrok like others have already mentioned.
    I've also heard of Cloudflare recently which offers something similar to ngrok.

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    I personally use ngrok and have upgraded to get a permanent reserved domain. For me this setup works just fine, and I'm not sure how it would be improved.

    What don't you like about using ngrok? I'm not sure what you mean by "more native" - the external service hitting your real dev server via a tunnel seems like the definition of native to me.

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      I meant something like Hookdeck and Webhook Relay mentioned above, solutions that are specifically targeted towards webhook development.

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