How FOMO challenged our roadmaps — for good

Hello community! 👋🏻 Since this is my first post here I'll introduce myself: I'm Carlos and I'm lucky to build and grow 📬 Email Meter with some amazing people.

We all know how important prioritization is. Whenever someone in your team presents a new idea — even if it's amazing — someone will always ask:

Is that really a priority?

This Summer we had a clear roadmap, and we were working in exciting new features and further analysis capabilities for our Enterprise customers and… but a question kept floating around.

Can we do something specific about WFH?

FOMO started hitting hard, and we felt the pressure to completely change our roadmap and do something special about that. How many of you have felt this?

So... we just did it! During September, we focused on defining, validating, developing and launching a new sub-product from scratch.

Results could have been better, but we:

  • Managed to launch this product in a month.
  • Learnt our team capabilities and bottlenecks.
  • Discovered design improvements that would have never been visible otherwise.
  • Received 1,500 new sign-ups for our main product.
  • Discovered our product design process wasn’t ready for this friction. Is yours ready?

If you're interested in knowing more, we've written an article explaining how we did it and everything we learned in the process: read it here!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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