Coronavirus July 17, 2020

How has Covid affected your start-up?

Rob Connolly @TextJet

For us, (textjet), we have had to rethink our processes. Our entire business was circled around an end users entering their phone number in a tablet. That is a hurdle why are currently working on overcoming. We believe we have found our solution.

What about your hurdles?

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    I’ve got extreme opposites going on right now. For my photography business we’ve been mostly shit down, and Covid completely destroyed all the momentum we had.

    However, I also have a webcasting company. We’ve been exploding through Covid.

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      Sorry to hear about your photography business. Webcasting seems to be a market with momentum.

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    It has given me a lot more time to work on projects, thankfully.

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      Nice, same here... but with two toddlers in the mix with no daycare. =)

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    Revenue for eventOne has come to an almost complete stop. It definitely could be worse than it is... But it's still not great.

    I should be able to coast out to the end of the year, and hopefully next year events will be, at least somewhat, back to normal.

    But I'm also working on revenue streams that are less dependant on physical events.

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      Sorry to hear about that. Let's hope things get back to normal sooner than later.

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    It actually started for me. I was bored with all my spare time so I decided to make use of it. That's how I made - HTML themes made easy as pie 🥧

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      Nice, I am checking your themes out now.

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        Thanks! Let me know if any of them pop out to you :)

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    We saw a noticeable increase in signups at

    More new people are getting into investing after the minor COVID crash, and they need investment advice to outperform.

    Sadly most swarm to trend-investing and eventually lose more money than they make.

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      Interesting, it's a weird time for investments.

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    Revenue has been slashed in half more or less as most of it is coming from companies marketing budgets.

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