Growth January 19, 2021

How has Indie Hackers improved the way you build?💪

Aidan @adawg4

Hi! I'm currently working on, email shortcuts to productivity tools that stop inboxes from getting cluttered by what you've emailed yourself!

Indiehackers has definitely improved the way I do things and launch new updates on what I do as I build in public. For me, it's really been the ability to go straight to getting feedback and see how others are building in public as well. Being able to give others feedback quickly is something I love doing. Even if there is some slight overlap between a given project, many still are super collaborative and insightful which is huge because ideas and goals can change all the time.

Having a place where people understand what others are going through while contributing to another's journey is huge!

Would love any waitlist signups if you have the problem yourself or if you could send/refer someone you know who does to this link below, you'd honestly make my day. 🙏


How about you, how has IH improved the way you build?

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    For me it's definitely to share my work as early as possible and get feedback. That has vastly transformed how I build.

    Also user testing as taught to me by @jimzarkadas.

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      Glad to here it's transformational for all involved 😉

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        Found great people to support each other and do peer-to-peer coaching. One thing I realised in indiehackers is that building your products with the community by supporting each other is a totally different experience that getting isolated and falling into the analysis paralysis mode.

        So the biggest influence that indiehackers had on me was to "make networking part of the process"

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    I joined recently but the community here seems amazing and I'm trying to learn the ropes of making something and getting users!

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      Nice, feel free to reach out on twitter at any time!

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    Hitsnag looks super cool! Definitely will check it out!


    I'm building Retro - agile retrospectives made easy.

    I joined IndieHackers to learn from other hackers, share my progress as I #BuildInPublic, and give feedback whenever I can.

    Can't wait till the day I can share I got my first customer on IndieHackers. 🥰

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      Nice and love the graphics @farazamiruddin!!! Throw an email here if your interested in hitsnag!

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