Growth August 4, 2020

How have you built a community?

Louis Tromans @LouTromans

Within your project or product, how have you gone about creating a community of avid followers who keep coming back?

What have you actually made to create this community, and what are your top tips?

Asking so I can implement with Spread...

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    One of the most important questions you should ask yourself: why would people want to join your community?

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      Thank you for this gem of a comment.

      What is your answer for Indiehackers?

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        To become or help others to become a successful/profitable indie hacker.

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          That's beautiful - and how about your own community?

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    I am thinking of starting a community on Spectrum or Slack for

    However, I am trying to get at least 50 dedicated subscribers on The BuildFaster Update before I transition into a community.

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      Ahh so is that a newsletter then? How many subscribers are you on now?

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        Currently 22. I started working on this a couple weeks ago.

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          Good man, how are you marketing it so far?

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            Right now it is a free newsletter. I am getting conversions through my website ( and Indiehacker posts.

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