How have you struggled?

Hi everyone 👋

I've been building a multi-week educational program and just got our first neutral-negative piece of feedback. I'm definitely working on being OK with all types of criticism, but it definitely still sucks to feel that something I created wasn't worth the time, energy, money.

I know that this journey isn't meant to be easy so I'm definitely not gonna give up. But I do think hearing from other people would be helpful right now.

That being said, I'd love to hear any stories of how you've dealt with difficulty, bad customer reviews, bad contractors, or just one of those times when everything seems way too hard and insurmountable.


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    I try to focus on the positive, so for example, you got a negative review from how many people that have tried it? Everyone else who tried it that didn't respond negatively is a win! 😇

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    To have someone come to you with feedback — even if it's negative— means they care enough about your product to want to help you make it better. That's great!

    It's still hard though. I have a hard time not taking negative feedback personally, but over the years the time it takes to shake it off has gotten shorter and shorter.

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    Sending you positive vibes! It can be so hard when we put ourselves completely into our work. Try to take a deep breath, let it go, and move forward with more energy. I've been running a career consulting firm assisting job seekers for 5+ years (now pivoting to an MVP for businesses). I simply couldn't get over the 1 mediocre review even when the positive ones greatly outweighed it (1:90 or 100). It's unrealistic for us to believe we can please everyone no matter how hard we try. Some clients have unrealistic expectations, some want to blame all their troubles on you, some are simply having a bad day when they do the review, and some are not articulating their feelings accurately. Keep on building and you'll find your ideal clients. Working with them is a joy in a way.

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