How I attracted 20,000+ visitors on a Notion page in 5 months

I thought Virtual Mojito is just another silly idea. Now, this has become a project I like to work on every minute.

5 months ago, I launched Virtual Mojito - a Notion page that showcased more than 70 Zoom alternatives. It is designed to help people navigate the best virtual event tool.

But soon I realized that there was a huge opportunity to expand the scope. My readers are looking for the best virtual events; stories from influencers and the latest trends in the industry.

The product has changed tremendously. Thanks to the community.

Some major milestones and metrics worth mentioning:

  • An average of 4,500 unique visitors per month
  • Increased from 70 tools to 158 tools
  • 10 newsletter series delivered
  • More than 250 events listed

Recently, I started an interview series called "Meet-a-mojito". You will hear inspiring stories from virtual event influencers. It’s a joy to learn how they help the community stay connected in a virtual environment.

This is how I allocate 2 hours a week to grow the project:


This is the main retention channel to keep my readers informed of the latest tools, events, and trends in the virtual experience industry.

  • Collect feedback from top 3-5 active readers weekly
  • Scout new products from PH, IH, BetaList
  • Bi-weekly newsletter, 4 sections
  • Average open rate is 55%
  • 214 readers til today


I usually post updates on LinkedIn and Twitter. There are 4 types of content to keep my followers excited.

  • Major milestones, case studies and statistics of my website
  • Monthly highlights, namely new tools for virtual events
  • Re-purpose the newsletter 3 days after delivery
  • Founder interview series and quotes


Regular routines to help myself and my readers keep up with the latest resources.

  • Review new tools on Product Hunt, Indie Hackers and BetaList
  • Exchange content with virtual event influencers and makers
  • Connect with founders from virtual event tools
  • Collaboration and joint-marketing

My tool stacks are completely #nocode. Including:

  • Notion - website and front-end design
  • Airtable - form and pipeline management
  • Zapier - workflow and approval process
  • Substack - newsletter and content
  • Bitly - CTA tracker and analytics
  • ImprovMX - custom mail

Throughout the journey, I have received a lot of feedback from the community. I am very happy to implement all your ideas into Virtual Mojito 2.0. This is a success for everyone who wants to make virtual events, remote work and online communities better. Thank you!

  1. 3

    Your website looks super clean, it's one of the best Notion websites I have seen so far, congrats :)
    Did you already have a following on Twitter or did you gain followers with your updates ?

    1. 1

      Thank you @moniqueb 😀

      When I started this project I only have 200 followers on Twitter. Now I’m at 1200. The more I update the more followers I get.

      1. 1

        Nice growth ! what's your twitter account ?

  2. 1

    I have a product https://blurmypage.web.app i think this will really help your audience(video creators) if interested let's discuss how we can collaborate email me @ [email protected]

  3. 1

    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing the journey so far. I am launching an online community and would love to collaborate!

    1. 1

      Hey @dcads - definitely! How’s your progress with the online community product so far?

  4. 1

    Congrats! Any plans to build it into an even more custom website outside of Notion?

    1. 2

      Hey bro :) Thank you! I'm kind of enjoy running this on Notion at the moment. But I am considering adding new features out of Notion.

  5. 1

    Congrats on the traffic! What kind of joint marketing have you done with virtual event tool founders?

    1. 2

      Thank you :) @jonbishop

      I interview a founder every 2 weeks, distribute their products on my newsletter, social and we cross link each other.

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