How I built a tech community with over 25000 members

After a great thread about "Why you should focus on the community building before product" (https://twitter.com/dawidzamkowski/status/1425492478912868367), I've started a new one about the exact steps I did to build my community.

How I built a tech community with over 25000 members? Check below:

I'm here to ask your questions about communities. Feel free to ask!

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    Hi Dawid, sounds like you know about community building! I have a practical question. Which do you think is the best place to gather people showing interest in your product? Here for the full question: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/best-place-to-start-gathering-a-community-about-your-product-5c46475e1f

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      Thanks! It depends on who is your target. For example, programmers use Slack mostly, so community on Slack makes sense.

      You can always transfer your members to other platforms. Don't focus on that too much. Just get the first users from other communities and give them awesome value - for example, great knowledge about some specific topic and they will be happy to join you.

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