How I created a searchable database for 200 + Free product management resources to help founders with Gumroad - Story of Docdrop

Hi all!

I wanted to share my story of of building Docdrop why I built it in the link attached which answers some of those questions in a blog interview. This post is to explain why I chose Gumroad for distribution. This is my first Gumroad product so wanted to share to encourage others.

⚡Why I chose to use Gumroad?⚡

✅Less Friction

Docdrop is a curated information product hosted in Airtable. I used webflow as the landing page and I built that around Gumroad. Landing page leads to gumroad which then reverts back to website for the private access to the database. It really takes away the difficulty of getting the product into a buyers hands immediately as a digital product. Being able to collect payment easily and sent access to buyer is crucial. Most of my time is now is marketing and curation as Gumroad takes away the difficulties of the prior.

⚡Things I learned using Gumroad⚡

✅ Email Marketing using both Gumroad and MailChimp for different tasks

I was skeptical at first to choose one email method but realized that Gumroad email was best used to distribute password and link to where the database is hosted in my landing being that the receipt was also sent to buyer. I decided to use zapier to send any gumroad buyers to my MailChimp list to use as a welcome campaign to ensure that they were not having any issues and where I can be reached for issues. I actually like using both methods for different tasks. It really depends on what your trying to do. Capture emails or Sales?

Thank you for reading! I hope this helps others contemplating using gumroad for selling their digital products.

Website : https://www.docdrop.io
Gumroad link: https://gumroad.com/l/yeMKf

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