How I created a site that has 600K visits per month

I've released another interview on QuickTalks.io featuring Steve Sanders, the creator of EpisodeNinja, a site that ranks episodes of TV shows that has more than 600K visits per month.

You can watch the full interview here.

Find below some take-aways 👇

🛠 Choosing a tech stack:

"Common piece of advice is: choose a tech stack you're familiar with. That's mostly true but I also try to find a good balance between what I know, and what is a good fit for the project."

🗣 Discussions and user engagement:

"Some subreddits loved the rankings, others not so much. When people disagree with the rankings, it almost gets more attention. I kinda like the rankings not to be perfect because it makes people talk about it."

📈 SEO tips

"My site should not rank well as it doesn't have original content so I made sure it was super fast via caching, image resize... I also focused on good page titles, good page structure, load enough amount of content in each page and use internal links."

💸 Monetizing

"Traffic started coming from good SEO. In the beginning, I had a hard time getting approved to display ads so I decided to try affiliate links and see if those worked. That generated a little bit of revenue and eventually, I got approved to display ads."

You can watch the full interview with Steve here or you can watch some clips of it on QuickTalks Youtube channel:

Hope you enjoy it ✌️

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