How I finally started! And got customers

Starting is hard, but when you have potential customers interested in your app you will start! Here is how I got customers, to motivate myself to finally start on something.

For some reason I found it very hard to start.
I got loads of ideas, but when I started working on those ideas I saw all kinds of problems that I thought were hard to fix for me, so yeah you guessed what happened😂

My idea was an app, for a pretty small market (people that work around inland shipping in the Netherlands) with all kinds of features that are hard to explain to people that aren’t from that market. I know that market really well, because my dad works in it and I know they are, a few years behind in some things.

The idea was already 2 months old, I already bought the domain, but one day out of the blue, while I was managing my other insta accounts (1.5 mil reach per week) I figured, how hard can it be to make an insta account for this idea, since I know how to grow on insta (well, I like to think that😂), so I tried it.

After I made the account and got a free logo I was browsing though my phone to find a picture for my first post. I picked a random picture of a ship, and because it wasn’t clear from the picture I asked what ship is this? The daily challenge was born (pure coincidence, I would have never thought of that!)! People love guessing what ship it is, since it is knowledge you obtain by working for a long period in that market. (Basically a way to flex how much they know😂)

After 3 days I had 500 followers (which is probably about 30% of the total people that work in that specific market and are on insta), I have 3 companies that contacted me and wanted to work together and tens of people asking for when the app is coming (which, I didn’t even start making yet😂)

With my posts and stories I now develop the app basically with my future customers. Because I make the app with Adalo I can create features in hours, even minutes and I am way to optimistic saying I can finish it in two months:)

But, atleast I started and in the process got some customers!
(All without even a start of the app itself)

So I would say, got an idea? Make a social media account, and follow your future customers!

Thanks for reading! It is basically my first post here, probably not the quality you are used to😂

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    I always love hearing stories from people making stuff for this really niche markets! Great story!

  2. 2

    Great story! Wish you luck...

    1. 2

      Thanks! I am very optimistic! Especially because I am in contact with already somany people that will use my app.

  3. 1

    That's funny story. Thanks for sharing.

    I am wondering how's your thought process like when you use social media to identify future customers? @DylanS

    1. 1

      Hi! You can use this strategy whenever you can clearly identify your potential customers.
      You need to be able to Identify them, because you need to follow them! (So they see you, and if your name is right and your page is set up good they will follow back and thus be a potential customer for later)
      How to identify them is always different, but try to identify one, from that guy you go follow the people that liked his posts and seem interesting to you. From there on insta will help you with recommendations too.

      Don’t be afraid to follow! It doesn’t matter how much people you follow, it matters how much people see your posts.

      I follow 1500 people now and on average my posts are seen by 500, which in such a small niche is a lot. (I literally can’t find more people to follow😂).

      Basically 50% of the niche knows me already if I have to guess haha

      PS when you can’t clearly identify your customers you can still use it. For example when you are searching for people with money on insta who want to invest start an account about luxury stuff, make it big with reels and you will get a lot of people! (I know that, because I also have an account with 32k followers, and met a lot of very wealthy potential customer there.)

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    I have no idea about instagram, how did people find your page on instagram in the first place?

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      It’s all about identifying your potential customers, then you simply search one of those customers and follow them. Go to their posts and follow those who liked his posts, since they are most likely in the same market. It’s all about following the right people, who will follow back and be your potential customer.

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    This ridicules and genius at the same time 😆
    It did give a good idea in approaching future customers

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    For those who want to check it out: @binnenvaartapp. I will now work on creating a landing page and collecting emails, I will keep you guys up to date on that! I am really excited to see howmany sign ups I can get😀

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    Where can we see the Instagram account? :)

    1. 1

      It is called @binnenvaartapp but it’s dutch and the content isn’t really interesting for you guys:)

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    Great story and congratulations! Wish yo all the best with the app.

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    This brought me immeasurable joy to read.

    gives perfectionism middle finger

    1. 1

      Hahaha, I thought this text was trash, since I am not a native English speaker😂

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    Love that, it's true - sometimes the hardest thing to do is start. It took me forever to put my app out into the market so the fact that you're already getting validation of your own app before its made is pretty amazing! Make sure you build up a waitlist for when the app is ready to test!

    PS. you seem to have a really good grasp on social media growth. I'd love to work with you to help grow ours (if you have the time!)

    1. 2


      Yeah, I was stunned by what I did, so I decided to share it on
      Here and hopefully help others get started and their idea validated. It really depends on what your product is, but I can help you out a bit. You can DM me on @binnenvaartapp (Instagram)

      1. 1

        Wasn't able to find you on IG. Got an email I can reach out to you on?

        1. 1

          Oh, my bad it is called the @debinnenvaartapp.
          Anyways, you can also e-mail me at [email protected]

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    love it! i like the idea of using insta to survey customers instead of an actual survey or facebook groups, awesome!

    1. 1

      🙌🙌 I was truly surprised by how well it all goes. I think it can really help a lot of people here, who want to start with their projects.

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