How I got 1600 followers in 28 days on Twitter

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    975 tweets in 28 days!!😅

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      That number includes comments 🙂

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        I am not familiar with Twitter, but isn't a comment also treated as an individual tweet that can get promoted and pushed to others like any other tweet?

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    You said you spent hours doing the reviews, but I'm wondering, how many? 😅

    Good luck with your Twitter followers growth! You are right. One of the keys is to tweet frequently, and engage a lot.

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      30 loom videos * 10-15 mins, ~300 minutes = 6 hours. But before video I should've checked the site, setup mic, take a break etc :)

      Pictures, I don't know, they usually take longer

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    👆 It's a thread, click on the Tweet to find out how I did this. My bad, I didn't specify in the tweet that it's a thread

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    @Akcium way to go! Quite impressive feat indeed!

    I've been trying to use twitter for Brutask and since you've done this yourself now, can you share anyways in which I can probably grow my own twitter account too?

    Earlier I have tried tweeting but I don't understand how new people will come across it. Just tweeting won't do the trick right? How do I get more visibility to my content?

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      First of all, when I JUST started tweeting, some followers came. Not sure why.

      Then, here on IH quite often you can meet topics like "Let's hack Twitter and follow each other". They got me initial number of followers.

      You can follow people from these topics, which are not that popular, having not that big number of followers (<1000). And then you can start engaging.

      If you follow 500 people, naturally some of them will follow you back.

      But you have to make good profile. Photo, description, and some initial tweets, because no one wants to follow empty account :)

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      Read your message as it is above my message. You have to go to the places where your target audience is. Alternativly, you can connect with influencers of your target audience (twitter, podcasts). Provide content to these channels and if it is good, you will attract followers.

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    With other words - there is demand for knowledge-sharing around UI/UX. Which makes sense as this is an area everyone who is creating software/website has to come up with somehow. Do you want to keep going with an info product (newsletter)?

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      Eventually I'm thinking about writing a book, but at first, I want to study more about this area and build some trust :)

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        OK - only asking because there was this "build an audience"-discussion not long ago. And, your point proves that the approach of "audience building first" is primarly for info products interesting.

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          Yes, I think building an audience is a very good approach.

          When you have e.g. 50k followers, and you talked to every one, when you have 20k subscribers in newsletter, and you provided good content in a year, then I'm pretty sure it's easy to sell info products.

          But it's a win-win for everyone:

          • I'm learning
          • I'm writing good stuff (hopefully. the book will have good quality)
          • People learn
          • People buy, thus thanking me, and learn too again, from the book

          Plus I'll just have many friends =) Twitter is awesome for this

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    Impressive Victor !

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    Great! Can you share some experience?

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      Oh, in the tweet above it's not displayed that it's a thread where I described how I did this. Just click the tweet

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    So impressive result! Carry on!

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