How I Grew my Twitter from 0 to 400 Followers in a Month

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    Great thread! Thanks Joshua

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    Amazing thread! I am also starting to work on my Twitter profile, so it's really helpful.

    In subreddits, you just post your whole blog post right?

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    Thanks for sharing. I intend to build a Twitter account and hope your tips will help. :)

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      Good luck!! Let me know what your @ is when you do :)

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    very interesting stuff thank you!

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    I created a snippet in WordPress that adds a CTA to twitter, works well.
    Glad you are having success!

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      Thank you :) Definitely the move

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    Good call.

    I actually decided to build my Twitter link into every "By [author name]" as an experiment. Probably should create a move obvious CTA though.

    Another idea--if you're using email lead magnets with email follow-up sequences-- is to create a single email just asking for people to connect with you on Twitter. I have between 40-60 email subscribers joining per day, so that is a lot of extra exposure if I decide to implement it.

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      Hm, I'm not too familiar with email lead magnets, but I am curious. Can you tell me about it?

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        A lead magnet is something you offer to people in exchange for their email. Examples:

        • Free eBook
        • Free templates
        • Free checklist

        Odds are you've signed up for dozens of them yourself. And typically the person who offered you the free thing in exchange for your email will have a few follow-up emails that will warm you up to buy their paid products/services.

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    Oh, congratulations; I am hoping to make a jump in follower count this month. I'll try to follow your advice and tweak them to my niche. Thank you for this. I learned a lot.

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      Thank you! I really hope it helps, let me know if you ever have any questions.

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    Congrats. How many blog posts did you write? Did you use your own or Medium/Other?

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      Thank you.

      I've written 12 so far and I post them on my own website, pure html blog posts: https://jerseyfonseca.com/blog

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        I was surprised to see that I have already read more than one of those posts recently. Keep it up!

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    That's really good, congrats Josh!

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