April 29, 2019

How I have 100 signups for a cryptocurrency loan product before I made the website.

I wanted to share with you guys what I did to get 100 signups on a product that I am working on. We don't even have a website and already have 100 signups ready to go.

The product is called Outlet. Outlet is a way for anyone to get a fiat loan backed by their cryptocurrency.

You can see the video of it working here.

You can also signup for the launch here.

We made the project at the Y Combinator hackathon. I think that name drop and video made it well worth the stress, time, and money to make the trip to silicon valley.

I would really recommend anyone who is thinking about starting a company just do it at a hackathon. They give you instant accreditation. Just keep applying to them or going to them. The YC hackathon was my first hackathon. BE WELL RESTED. You are going to be working for 24 hours. I would still suggest to have some of what you are building built out so you can look back at it.

The video gave us a really good piece of content and the YC name gave us the accreditation. Due to that, we have been sharing this on Reddit. This is one of those posts.


I think The most important thing is knowing where your customer is and how to reach them.