How I made $10k teaching vim online in one month

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    Hey y'all! I launched vim.so earlier this year and I finally took some time to write about the experience.

    Happy to answer any questions :)

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      Thanks for sharing Kenneth. Keep up the good work!

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        Thanks! I've been enjoying your content too Anthony :)

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    Hey, congrats for the launch and its results! The lesson I'm learning from your story is not to give up and that aiming at something relatively small is still exciting.
    I find it curious though that the launch on Reddit gave bigger results than on Product Hunt, did you expect this?

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    nice! can I ask you, how have you built your webpage?

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      Next.js + MDX + tailwindUI for the blog.

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    Great blog post, Kenneth!
    For everyone interested in selling info products, this is super inspiring 💪

    Keep it up!

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    This is a cool project. I get some impulse ideas of how you could use a similar visual experience as you've built to teach other topics for profit. Nicely done!

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