How I make long term goals: A year from now...

I just tweeted my long term goals.

I have made many new year resolution before and none really worked . Most people don't really achieve their goals.

Making new year resolution is a flawed concept.
I think there are only two times when you should make long term goals.

  1. Now (Yes, do it now. Don't wait for your lucky number or special days)


  1. When you have enough self awareness on what you really want to do.
    Keep exploring. Keep trying new things randomly or selectively. Totally up to you. Enjoy exploring without direction as well. Allow serendipity to happen.
    Once you have enough self awareness, then make meaningful goals.

I did the same this year and so I am not going to wait for 31st December to make resolution. I have made it as it came naturally to me today. I couldn’t be more excited about it.

if you have made goals for next year, post in the comments.

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